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Site Launch: My Answer Is NO…. If That’s Okay with You

We're excited to announce the launch of a new site we just finished for the book, My Answer Is NO.... If That's Okay with You: How women can say NO and (still) feel good about it, by Dr. Nanette Gartrell, MD.

We had a lot of fun imagining a visual approach that works both on the surface, as an extension of the book cover design, and also, through interactive elements, as a draw deeper into what the book is about.

We really enjoy working on sites for authors and/or their books, as we love creating sites that are cohesive across all of the levels of visual elements, interactive flows, information structures and communication / content. Books, and their authors, serve as excellent soundboards as we strategize design approaches.

So, by this I mean, first of all, that the book itself can answer many questions we have about what will or won't work for the design. But, then, of course, as in the case of this book, the author herself communicates so much of the "halo" (of intentions, ideas, entrance points, connections, people, etc.) around the book; and it's in (and, to some degree, as) this same "halo" that the website itself needs to "work."

(Often, we also work with publishers, editors and others intimately involved in publishing a book—they're similarly invaluable as authors.)

We hope you'll take a look at the site for My Answer Is NO.... If That's Okay with You, and, of course, the book itself (which can be pre-ordered now, and will be generally available on January 1). Also, Dr. Gartrell will be appearing on Good Morning America on January 10, and I am sure (based on our conversations with her) it will be an interesting discussion!

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