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Site Launch: Nikzad Flooring

Starting last summer, we began a process of taking Nikzad Flooring, a fine hardwoods and flooring company in Los Angeles, online. We quickly launched a portfolio-style site in July. And, more recently, we launched the official Nikzad Flooring ecommerce site.

The exciting thing about this project, for us, was working within the clients requirements to create a beautiful, portfolio-worthy, visual communication, combined with a fully functional ecommerce site. In order to meet these requirements, we conceived of an so-called "ecommerce 2.0" style site that makes significant use of Javascript-powered interactivity.

In the context of the online marketplace for fine hardwood flooring, most websites tend to be either dreary, stripped down utilitarian product catalogs; or they tend to be over-hyped Flash-based commericals. So, we saw an obvious opportunity to create a site that took a more elegant approach across all dimensions of content, visuals and interactivity.

We also worked hard to use a more web standard, text-oriented approach to the website build, which has already proven invaluable in making the site search-engine friendly. Even before we started doing additional optimization for search engines, we started seeing fantastic results for searches for the key products on the site.

So, the site that's online now reflects the first complete phase of our implementation for Nikzad Flooring. We have a lot more interesting plans for more interesting content, interactions and enhanced visuals. But, for now, check-out the site and imagine how nice a pyinkado or teak hardwood, or custom-colored, distressed bamboo floor might look in your home :-)

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