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Online quiz launched: are you a cat person?

We've gotten behind on announcing our projects that have gone live, and so I'll kick off a series of posts about recent site launches.

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Are You a Cat Person? quiz. This is actually a mini-site, or a feature on a larger site (depending on how you look at it). It's a promotion for the new collector's edition of the book, All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat (And Then Some), by Suzy Becker, published by Workman.

(For full effect, follow the link above, then click on the Are You a Cat Person? graphic, and take the quiz.)

The original version of this quiz appears in the book, and one of the fun challenges was finding a way to blend the book's illustrations and handwriting with interactive web elements. Essentially, we needed to create a balance of web elements / interactions, some of which really blend with the illustrations, and some of which are less blended (and provide a more utilitarian interface) but are nevertheless complementary.

In general, we have a number of projects happening that build web interactions into and out of graphics, illustrations and/or photos. In some ways, it's the same as any web design. But, the meaning and/or concept of the images is way more important—which influences how we design both the look and functionality around the web interactions.

But, back to the point: the quiz is a great little bit of web-distraction-fun—you should definitely go take it and find out your rating. And, the quiz also gives you a nice peek into the humor and illustrations of the book, so you can better decide which of those cat fancying relatives in your life will enjoy this book as a gift for the holidays (and, better decide, for some cases, how many copies to get them).

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