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The Spellman Files is live (and coming soon to a bookstore near you)

We recently finished the site for Lisa Lutz's upcoming novel The Spellman Files. We had a lot of fun designing the site. It has a (very functional) Flash home page. Play around with your mouse and check out the eyes of the central character on the bench. It's a good activity to do if you need a distraction from your work. My niece (who's 3) likes to make her go cross-eyed :) We also have an HTML home page that those without Flash will see (looks the same, minus the fun eye games).

Lisa will be going on tour soon, signing and reading from her book. Be sure to check out the tour page and see if she's speaking near you. I'll be with her on a bunch of her early west coast stops (and her NY reading as well), so let me know if you'll be there and want to meet!

We're hoping for the opportunity to do more sites for authors, as they fit well into our skill set (lots of good content to work with). If you're an author and need a site, be sure to let us know!

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