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Neighbors: it’s nice to work with you!

I'm finally getting around to posting about a site we recently finished for my chiropractor's natural health clinic, Glow Natural Health.

What I most enjoyed about working on this site is that their business is in our neighborhood. What's great about the work we do is that it really can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection and a telephone (we have clients in Fiji, UK, and throughout the US!), but there's something extra nice about working with people in your neighborhood, or in your local community. I was able to meet with the folks at Glow in person a number of times throughout the project, and would routinely check in with them when I went for my monthly chiropractic adjustment (by the way, I can personally recommend Dr. Heather as a great chiropractor).

I hope to do more websites for our friends and neighbors in Madison Valley (Seattle) in the future!

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