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Site Launch: Common Craft

We're a little late in posting about this site launch (it officially launched a couple weeks ago), but that doesn't mean we're not excited about it! We are really happy that we got to work with Lee and Sachi of Common Craft on their site re-design. Their old site was a blog-based site that grew into a site to house their educational videos—but it didn't have the look and feel of their videos, and the structure didn't support their business.

So we strategized with them not only over the design, but also the structure, and how to incorporate their existing e-commerce system into the site, without it feeling like you were leaving the site, and how to showcase the videos with all their components (transcripts, languages, licensing options and prices, etc.) without that information overwhelming the visitor.

Visually, we built around their existing logo and the style of their videos (white board with hand-drawn visuals). The home page includes a fun video carousel and we incorporated drawings from their videos throughout the site.

Jay might want to say more about the technical aspects of the build, but we worked with an awesome team in Vancouver, Outcome3, who did all the Drupal backend, while we did the UX and visual designs, HTML, CSS, and the Javascript functionality throughout the site.

We're really happy with how the site turned out, and are looking forward to seeing it grow and learning from their videos of course! Be sure to check out their latest: Preparing an Emergency Kit in Plain English!

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