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So Jay and I have been planning a site redesign for for some time; we're hoping we'll have time this summer to do a new site.

This last weekend we were talking about how we'd outgrown our portfolio section, and wishing we'd have time to re-do it sooner, so we scheduled yesterday evening to see what we could do.

So, now you're seeing the results. At first I was thinking it was like a botox injection into the site, but that's kind of surgical (and doesn't sound very nice); what I really feel like now is that we gave it a fresh coat of paint and hung some art on the walls! We're happy with how it turned out, and it gives us a good starting place for the re-do.

So, the main thing that probably stands out is the color change. Juxtaprose has now gone through three color shifts since inception. When I first started the company (back in 2002), it was just me, and I chose the colors purple and green. You can see my first business card here:

purple and green card

Some time thereafter I started seeing purple and green logos everywhere (banks, employment sites, etc). So, back in 2006, we changed our colors to orange and muted red:

orange card

For this latest color shift, we choose the colors of blue and brown, which is a nice combination of warm and vibrant. We don't have the kind of business where we feel it's important to keep the colors as part of the brand. It's more important for us to have something that feels modern and that we like. That tends to change over time.

I also updated the photos throughout the site to ones I've taken on our various trips over the last few years (New Zealand, Joshua Tree, and the San Juan Islands, to name a few). Lastly, Jay created a slideshow in our Portfolio section so that we could highlight more of the sites we've done recently in larger scale. We'll be adding to that soon, as we have some great new site launches coming soon that we're excited about.

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