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Site Launch: Author Sean Beaudoin

Seattle-based young adult author Sean Beaudoin came to us a couple months ago, and hired us to redesign his site in time for the publication of his new book: Who Killed Wesley Payne. And, we're happy to announce that his new site is up and running!

As part of the project, we migrated all his existing content from his old site, including his movie and book reviews (very fun and informative reads).

The visual design has a "noir / old Superman comic" feel to it. (Then we added a bowl of tomato soup - ha!) It was super fun to design and build, and it was great working with Sean.

Check out the new site:

Sean Beaudoin Website

Also, if you're in the Seattle area, come by Elliot Bay Books on February 1st for the book launch party for You Killed Wesley Payne. Should be fun. You can find out more / RSVP here.

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