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We've been meaning to post some thank-yous to various folks whose work contributed to our creation of this Juxtaprose website. So, this thank you goes out to all of the folks who create Wordpress, including Matt Mullenweg (the original creator of Wordpress), whom we know a bit from hanging out with him at a couple web conferences.

WordPress is a free blog engine—most people who use it, use it just for blogging. But, for the Juxtapose site, we decided to use Wordpress as a full-on content management system (CMS). So, every page of the Juxtaprose site is in WordPress.

(Technically, each page you see on the Juxtaprose site is built from a combination of our WordPress pages, blog posts and info we enter in custom fields.)

Since the majority of people don't use WordPress in this way, I wanted to note that the Juxtaprose site isn't the first one we've created using WordPress as a CMS. We also, not too long ago, created a site for musician / artist Bernard Bernard in WordPress and Gallery (a free image posting engine, which manages and stores all of the images and audio on the site).

Bernard's site is an excellent example of how, through the magic of strategic web design, engines like WordPress and Gallery can be reconfigured to accommodate designs and contents wholly unlike that of a typical blog.

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