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Podcasts, and working with audio

Although we've been working with audio on websites for 10+ years (and, with video for 7+ years), some major technical hurdle has been recently overcome such that it's easy to listen to audio and watch video online. And, so audio and video are becoming a common feature of many websites' contents. In fact, we've got some preliminary plans to create and add audio and video to the Juxtaprose site.

For now, we're actively helping a number of clients who are adding audio / podcasts to their websites for the first time. And, I am doing some recording and editing for these clients in our studio.

And. . . audio recording and editing takes really concentrated time and work! I really enjoy doing it, but I thought it might be worthwhile to note that, in spite of how easy it has become to quickly post audio and video on the web, audio and video production still takes a big chunk of focused time to accomplish at a high level of quality.

Along these lines, for my personal music podcast, I started working on an episode in July last year about the worst song ever, that my cousin Dean and I wrote when we were kids. In February this year, I finally finished the podcast and got it online! (Here it is: The Worst Song Ever. Enjoy!)

Of course, this episode didn't actually take six months to produce. It just took me six months to be able to block out the chunk of time I needed to focus on it!

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