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RealPlayer Knowledge Base

We worked with the support team at RealNetworks to redesign and rebuild their knowledge base / customer support sites. In the original project, we created five KB sites, for: RealPlayer, Subscriptions from Real / SuperPass, RealArcade, GameHouse and Rhapsody. (Note: RealNetwork's ownership in some of these products / sites has changed since we originally worked on the KBs.)

Before we worked on these sites, they had been designed and built with mostly a very utilitarian ethic and "techie" look and feel. RealNetworks was excited to have the opportunity to improve the design on all fronts: branding, visual appeal, friendliness, usability, readability, findability, information / task flow and overall clarity.

In the original project, we worked within a number of branding constraints, in terms of the ways the KB sites needed to tie into the global “Real” brand, yet be distinct from the “main” sites. The KB sites also needed to be visually compatible, but distinct, from each other, as well.

After the original project, we continued working with RealNetowrks to develop a reusable set of design and functional components, and we worked to extend these to many more of Real's KBs / customer support sites, including the non-English / international RealPlayer KBs, and also a number of recently introduced products and sub-brands.

We also have "re-skinned" a number of these sites as their brands have evolved.