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What is content strategy?

Content Strategy is an important and artful aspect of our work here at Juxtaprose, with Anastasia being our primo Content Strategist. Not too many people talk with us about content strategy—actually, everyone always talks with us about content strategy; it's just that it's rare that anyone ever calls it by a name.

But, we do always talk about and work with "content" in a way that encompasses both content strategy and content management.

This topic came up this week on the always excellent Information Architecture Institute mailing list, where several people were answering a question about what is a content strategist and what do they do. Keith Doyle answered with a good summary list, and then I chimed in with some additional description, based on our work here at Juxtaprose.

Keith has taken his and my descriptions and posted them on his site. So, now there's a nice public resource with a description of What does a Content Strategist do and what are their deliverables?.

Check-it out!

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