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Web. verb, as in, to Web. . .

I email. I browse. I IM. I blog. I tag. I even Twitter.

But, most importantly, I Web.

When we make web pages with links, we make the web (or, more accurately: we add webs to the World Wide Web). I think we should say: we Web.

Web 2.0 seems exciting in that it's creating new technology that enables more people to Web. But, web 2.0 is lame to whatever degree that technology is about itself and not about enabling more people to Web.

You can Flickr or Vox or YouTube, but be sure you learn how to Web.

And, once you think you know how to Web, try to keep learning how to Web better.


Amusing trivia, from the World Wide Web article on Wikipedia:

Ironically, the abbreviation "WWW" is somewhat impractical in English as it contains two or three times as many syllables (depending on accent) as the full term "World Wide Web", and thus takes longer to say.

Yep, better go check-out that Doub-le-you-Doub-le-you-Doub-le-you and Web more.

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