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Top 1 list of lists of web user experience related sites

Make your ideas sizzle by turning them into a "top X list." I am still learning about how to do that . . .

The Virtual Hosting Blog's Top 100 User-Centered Blogs is actually a nice list of sites that talk about web user experience related topics, including accessibility, human computer interaction, web standards, interaction design, user-centered design, and user-centered writing and content.

I regularly read a number of the sites on the list, plus there are some others that I've been meaning to read, and also some I've never seen before that I'll now check-out.

I don't care for the "top x" ranking of the sites, suggesting that the higher ranked sites are more important than the lower ranked sites. But, nevertheless, it's very handy to have a good sized and organized list like this of sites that focus on user-oriented web design topics.

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