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The web page revolution

We've been busy here in Juxtaprose land. Depending on how one counts it, we've got at least three clients' sites about to launch—and, in the last few days, we've each built a bunch of web pages in the push to launch.

In the midst of this, our longtime friend, Gawain Weaver, a photograph conservator, needed a web page online for himself. So, in some spare moments, I created a page for him and got it online.

Creating Gawain's web site, all one page of it, reminded me of how revolutionary even a single web page is. Gawain's is just a little text, a couple cool photographs (one is a photomicrograph, technically), and a few links. But, voilà, we now have "Gawain online."

No matter how much hype we've seen over the dot coms, or blogs, or web 2.0, or social network sites, etc., we've barely begun to appreciate the revolution of the web page. I mean, technically, there is no such thing as a website or blog—there are web pages, linked together.

I think, sometimes, we talk and think in terms various kinds of sites because we just can't handle the truth of the web page! ;-)

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