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Site Launch: the Ear Reverends

We've got some new site launch announcements coming up, and I thought it'd be good to kick these off with an announcement for the new site we created for my band, the Ear Reverends. This site also includes our Wrong Notes blog about music, art, culture and fun stuff—I'm blogging there regularly, and Anastasia will be blogging there in the future, as well.

This new site was launched as part of the release of the Ear Reverends' new CD / book, Err or Man (which you can buy online from CD Baby). There are more than 40 piece of art in the book that will be added to the site, and music downloads will be added as well—all in the near future.

This site is still a work-in-progress, in the sense that there are many parts to it that have been planned and/or designed, but they're still being built and/or fine tuned. But, already the new site is a major leap from the couple page site I had previously.

Part of the fun of creating this new site was presenting my exaggerated and sometimes contradictory ideas about the website to Anastasia, and reconciling those with a practical approach that was actually design-able and build-able. It was a good challenge for both of us, actually—take a look and I think you'll immediately get a sense of some of what went into it.

One big "coming soon" feature on the website is the music player / "radio" show, which will build on the novel themes of the design, and is being fine tuned to achieve good functionality / usability. I'll post more about it when it goes live!

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