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Real-World AJAX, “my” book, is out

I now have a copy of the book in my hand, and so I feel confident to say that "my" book is finally out. I put "my" in quotes because it's a book written by a lot of people, and my contribution, while not too shabby, is nevertheless only a couple chapters in a very fat book.

So, check it out: Real-World AJAX. It's about this AJAX, and not about the Ajax I wrote about earlier in my life (in high school book reports on The Illiad. ;-)

I think it's going to be a very useful book for web developers. And, I am not just saying that to sell copies—unless you are thinking of buying several hundred copies at a time, in which case, please note, it's the best book on web development ever.

Big thanks to my co-author, Jim Benson, who got me into this gig.

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