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Information, the “I” in IA and IT

Lou Rosenfeld, has posted slides of his presentation, Information Architecture: Putting the I Back in IT, which he gave to a group of senior IT managers from a Fortune 50 company. I found this to be an excellent and concise presentation, based on my experience working in and around large enterprise IT.

In developing this presentation, Lou went to the excellent IA Institute mailing list and asked IAs to suggest points to cover in the presentation. Lou also posted his compilation of these suggestions (including my own) in Information architects on communicating to IT managers.

This presentation might also be of interest to anyone working with computer "users" in or around big organizations, e.g., where people are commonly stuck using applications that don't meet their needs, and commonly spend a large portion of their time just trying to find the information they need to do their jobs.

This is, actually, the situation that's common in most organizations, and the issues just multiply as organizations get larger and larger. Since information architecture is a practice that addresses these very issues, whatever the size of the organization, it can be a big help to organizations looking to be more agile in meeting users' needs.

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