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Designing experiences, not just products / features

A couple great articles and blog posts from our peers at Adaptive Path:

Peter Merholz has an article on Core 77, Experience IS the Product... and the only thing users care about. This is a good summary of Peter's "stop designing products" admonition.

Jesse James Garrett has a nice article in his column on Business Week, on A Cell Phone for Baby Boomers. It has some similar themes as Peter's article, but also provides an interesting view into the disparity between the system-centric designs of the phone companies and what user-centered phones look like.

Also on a similar theme, Dan Saffer has a blog post, Hot for Features (about the Feature Presentation article, by James Surowiecki, in the New Yorker), and Peter Merholz has good, further comments on this in Beyond the Bullet Point.


OK, I was trying not to mention the iPhone again, but, it's related to the topic of this post. I really like the new iPhone ads, and thought Daring Fireball's Taps commentary on them was good, e.g.:

. . . no other cell phone is advertised by showing off the user interface. Thinking about it some more, I can't recall the last time I've seen any tech product advertised simply by demonstrating how it works.

It's a testimony to just how clever the iPhone UI is, and just how bad the UIs are on the competition. . .

(I guess I should mention that I'm torn about whether or not I want an iPhone. I like being able to walk away from my phone and walk away from the Internet—I have a feeling I wouldn't walk away from an iPhone. . .)

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