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Content management systems (CMS) and blogging platforms

Jeff Croft, one of our friends over at Blue Flavor, just posted a great blog entry, Choosing a Content Management System for your web project. It has a great summary of the different types of choices you make when deciding if and/or what type of content management system you might need for your website.

The "Lightweight blogging platforms" that he mentions are great options for small businesses who want the ability to update all or part of their site themselves, while not having to invest in a full-blown CMS. We routinely use WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and even Blogger for our clients who want or need this type of functionality.

It's great that these blogging tools have provided an affordable and straightforward CMS functionality. I remember back in the day (years ago) when it was much harder to develop and use CMS systems. I even worked with clients who had to hire out to web professionals to update their sites even WITH the CMS. That's how complicated they could be!

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