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And to a different kind of health….

Another project we recently finished is a new public website and an internal site for the Western Washington Rural Healthcare Collaborative. This non-profit Seattle-based organization supports the western Washington small community hospitals. The public site tells more about what they do. We partnered with Jesse at Dubhead for the site design. For the internal site, we set up a wiki-based collaboration site for the member hospitals and the administrator, board members, and director of the Collaborative to use so they can share information and resources. This will allow them to move from an email-based sharing (the "hey, can you email me that new Medicare document") to having archived and accessible documents everyone can find and access—multiple times if needed, without having to search through emails. The wiki-based system is perfect for this type of organization—one that is document-rich, but who also need something simple that everyone can use from multiple locations without too much training.

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