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Ads in and of the web

I don't like that network advertising (e.g., Google AdSense) has become a "normal" feature of destination websites. I guess I shouldn't complain, given how much grief we all used to get when our early websites had no "revenue models."

In general, I find it a bummer that so many people put ads on their sites—kind of in the "because I might make more money, I should do this" mode of action. You know: because I might make more money begging for change as I walk between my house and the store. . . But, ok, to each their own.

And, of course, some websites exist from the start—or otherwise come to a point where they need to make money on "page views." These sites then have an obligation to cover operating expenses, or make a profit. Ads are maybe a natural fit in some cases.

So, given that I have this kind-of love-hate relationship with ads on the web, I was both excited and repulsed by the possibilities that Kevin Kelly covers in his excellent post on A New Corner in the Future of Advertising. Kevin's piece is really great, and I'm just still wrestling with the idea that ads are seemingly so integral to the economy of the web.

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